The Macau Greyhounds
When the Macau Canidrome, a race track that had killed 18,000 greyhounds, was finally forced to shut down due to international pressure, I went to Macau to help with the surviving 532 greyhounds that had been left behind. These are some of the photos I took during my time there in November 2018. For the full story go to  -  My Experience at the Macau Canidrome.
Very Fast was made to run with a badly injured leg. She is now safe and  living in the US.
Bobby Bu flew to the US the very  first day I volunteered at the Canidrome.
Their living conditions were damp, dark concrete cells with decrepit, sharp rusty bars.
Cardinals Forever nka Sir Reginald is living a loving life in New Mexico in the U.S.
The 532 surviving greyhounds were incredibly resilient to have stayed alive for so long.
Ah Bu is now free and living in France where he can finally have his skin issues addressed..
These beautiful souls were starved for attention and a kind word.
They were all so gentle and kind despite the abuse they had suffered their whole lives.
Norris Zambezi nka Ava is free and living in Scotland.
Crazy Earner is now living in Italy.
Crazy Earner, like most of the Macau greyhounds, was exported to Macau from Australia.
Trying to catch some light and perhaps some love., aka Rosa, was my heart Macau greyhound. She sadly died shortly after arriving in the UK. 
Win's Legal was recently adopted in the US.
I would sit on the floor and talk to Very Fast everyday. She was in the hospital kennel due to her injured leg.
Lucky Forever, renamed Grace, was adopted in Italy. She has now sadly passed. She was 13.
So many of the dogs had bloody mouths from chewing on the metal bars for lack of stimulation.
Most of the greyhounds have had to have many if not most of their teeth removed as they were rotting.
Please consider adopting a greyhound like me! And please advocate for our welfare.

Licking the walls, biting on the metal bars, ripping their beds was their only form of  stimulation.

These poor souls never had a soft bed to sleep on.
Dand Rat, nka Tamoko, is free and living a beautiful life in Switzerland.
Some of them seemed to have given up.
Faith, fka Acacia Conquest, was flown to Australia where she lived the most wonderful life with a greyhound advocate who will never stop fighting to end greyhound racing.
 If the dogs ripped their beds, the workers did not replace them.
Holy Sen is now free and living in Italy.
Thunder Sen is now free and living in Italy and sleeping on soft beds!
Miss Beauty is now living in Scotland.
Adventurer was flown to safety in the UK and renamed Athena. She sadly died shortly after that.
Mighty Rugged, nka Rio, is free and living a wonderful life  in Italy.
Suki was born in a cell at the Canidrome. He is now free and living in Italy.
This sweet soul had to wear a muzzle in his cell. I never did find out why.

All they ever wanted was to be loved.
Takasaki Sen, Heroine and Archer in K6.
Sam is now living the most wonderful life in WA state in the U.S.
Sure Sure Sweet with Onchi.
Sandasha Diamond.sniffing the fish my  greyhounds packed in my suitcase for the Macau greyhounds.
True Bligh and Onchi, one of the local volunteers.
Chuck Assasin.
Ringing Hot and Onchi.
The  dogs in the hospital kennel were made to stand with tight leads while their topical medications dried.
Many of the greyhounds had open wounds because they were made to sleep on concrete floors.
Dand Rat and Smoke Rumble.. I recently reunited with these two who are living the most wonderful lives now in Switzerland and Italy.
Dand Rat nka Tamoko spent much of his day with his head in the sewage gutter.
Many slept with their heads under their rusty gate to try and get some light.
It struck me how dignified these dogs were despite their miserable conditions.
The Canidrome had no adoption program in place  for the dogs could no longer race.
Their eyes, though very sad, seemed to have a glimmer of hope. I think they knew a better life was to come.
Please help us to end greyhound racing so others don't have to suffer like we did..